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Ballot Extraction and Decryption

VoteHub makes it simple and easy to extract ballots and decrypt them offline.

When ready to tabulate ballots cast through VoteHub, election officials can easily export accepted ballots and move them to the air gapped, local network for mixing and decrypting offline. 

Image 11-21-23 at 11.39 AM.png

VoteHub's security requires that a minimum number of the election trustees be present with their part of the ballot decryption key in order to perform the offline ballot decryption process.  Once the trustees are signed in with their partial decryption key, the mixing and decryption process can begin.  The process takes a few seconds to complete.  When finished, the election official can export the decrypted ballot PDFs and print them onto machine readable ballots for scanning and tabulation.  The election official will also upload a confirmation to the digital ballot box, which enables voters to confirm that their ballot was extracted for offline decryption and printing.

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