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Meet VoteHub

VoteHub is an end-to-end verifiable digital absentee voting system that enables any eligible voter to receive, mark, verify, cast, and track their ballot from the convenience of their mobile device. As a mobile voting system, VoteHub can make the voting process easier and more accessible for voters who face inherent obstacles to traditional voting options.

Key Features

End-to-End Verifiable so voters can verify their ballot is recorded, cast, and counted correctly

Protects ballot anonymity while ensuring only eligible voters can vote

Fully accessible and usable

Off-line ballot decryption with printed paper ballots used for tabulation

Advanced cryptography and immutable hash chain to mitigate risk to voter privacy and ballot integrity

Absentee Goes Digital

Voting in the VoteHub mobile app replicates the processes for paper absentee voting.  To vote, voters must provide identifying information used to match their voter registration and determine their eligibility. VoteHub then presents their ballot, which they can mark on their device. VoteHub can even make the process interactive, enabling voters to research ballot issues and races as they vote. When finished, voters can complete and sign their accompanying absentee ballot affidavit on their device. 

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How It Works

VoteHub uses advanced cryptography and end-to-end verification to protect voter anonymity and the integrity of cast ballots. With end-to-end verification, voters have the ability to verify independently that everything is working correctly. This means voters can verify their ballot is recorded and encrypted correctly, received correctly, and counted correctly with no tampering.  The public can also verify everything in VoteHub is secure through publicly auditable activity logs, offering transparent and real time evidence that the election is secure.


To protect the integrity and anonymity of ballots in VoteHub, all ballots remain encrypted from the moment they leave a voter's device and are only decrypted after they are removed from the digital ballot box and transported to an offline, air-gapped environment. And all ballots submitted through VoteHub are printed and tabulated offline along with all other paper absentee ballots.


The underlying technology that powers VoteHub is hosted in a combination of cloud and local servers.  The system is currently deployed in AWS GovCloud, which is the same cloud services provider trusted by other federal agencies, such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Department of Homeland Security. The system meets the highest standards for operational and cybersecurity, following the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and the same standards used for all other voting systems. The system undergoes regular penetration testing and other cybersecurity assessments to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. Importantly, the most sensitive information is maintained offline in an air-gapped and physically secured environment, including the decryption keys needed to decrypt cast ballots.  

Paul, blind voter

"This makes me think we are on the road to obtaining online accessible voting."

Juliana, Gen Z voter

"Overall such a wonderful project and it will definitely revolutionize the future of voting in the US!"

Angela, Gen Z voter

"Mobile voting will make it so much easier to encourage others to register to vote and to actually vote."

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