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Benefits for Election Officials

Improved Service Delivery for UOCAVA Voters
and Voters with Disabilities

Expanded access to mobile voting with VoteHub would yield even more benefits.

  • Reduced costs associated with printing and mailing absentee ballots

  • Reduced time to get ballots to and from voters

  • Reduced need to locate and rent space for in-person voting

  • Reduced need to communicate polling location changes to voters

  • Reduced need to deploy personnel and equipment for in-person voting

  • Eliminates need for manual processes in traditional mail ballot processing, including:

    • Retrieving ballots from the postal service and ballot drop boxes

    • Opening mail ballot transfer cases

    • Sorting and auditing paper envelopes for signature verification processes

    • Sorting and auditing accepted ballot envelopes from rejected ballots

    • Opening paper envelopes

    • Flattening and preparing paper ballots for scanning and tabulation

  • Eliminates need for expensive mail sorting equipment and time-consuming sorting and auditing processes needed to conduct signature verification​

  • Efficiencies in signature verification, including:

    • Easy verification of signature affidavits and accompanying documents, such as required ID, with no need to open and extract accompanying documents​

    • Easy side-by-side viewing of affidavit signatures and reference signatures in voter registration records

    • Easy data tracking of throughput, ballots received, ballots verified, and ballots decrypted and printed for tabulation

  • No human errors on paper ballots that require adjudication or manual duplication during scanning and tabulation​

  • Auto-duplication software to print machine-readable ballots with no need for manual duplication

Learn how Election Officials can quickly and easily set up a new election in VoteHub

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