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Our Mission

The Free Democracy Foundation is founded to ensure that all eligible voters in the U.S. can participate in the democratic process.

Democratic participation and representation are crucial in a vibrant and sustainable democracy.  The general decline in voter turnout, along with political polarization and hyperpartisanship, constitute an increasing threat to democracy in the U.S. and the loss of public faith in the legitimacy of elections.  

If we are to reverse the democratic backslide, it is imperative to make democratic participation a pivotal part of the answer to the challenges in the 21st century. To find new contemporary ways of ensuring that all eligible voters can access the ballot, regardless of geographic location, disability, or other obstacles.  

The Free Democracy Foundation wants to contribute to this development in three ways: 

  1. Technology: Own and support the maintenance of accessible and end-to-end verifiable digital voting technology to ensure unambiguous trust in voting processes and election results. 

  2. Availability: Offer U.S. Election Jurisdictions digital voting technology at no to low cost

  3. Education: Educate election administrators, voters, and other democratic  stakeholders to be critically informed users of digital democratic services

The Free Democracy Foundation is a non-profit organization and has extensive engagement with independent representatives from academia, experts, NGOs, and activists to ensure that all services continuously work in favor of increasing democratic participation as well as to comply with all fundamental democratic principles. 

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