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Research and Case Studies


Protecting the Security of Elections with VoteHub

Learn how VoteHub meets important election security objectives to protect the integrity of elections.

Comparing the Security of VoteHub with Traditional Absentee Voting

Learn how VoteHub compares to traditional by-mail voting.

Case Studies

Free Democracy Foundation has partnered with organizations to conduct user testing and hold mock elections to test the usability and accessibility of VoteHub. Below you'll find case studies and user feedback from those mock elections.

The Free Democracy Foundation and Tusk Philanthropies partnered with Civics Unplugged to conduct the first mock election test of an early version of VoteHub.  50 high school fellows participated.

The Free Democracy Foundation, Tusk Philanthropies, and 18by Vote collaborated to test VoteHub with Gen Z voters.  22 voters cast a ballot over the three-day election.

The Free Democracy Foundation partnered with the National Federation of the Blind to test VoteHub with blind and low vision voters.

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